3.4.1 Learning Styles

Welcome to chapter 4 of the 'Planning and Delivering Learning' module. In this chapter, we will examine the concept of Learning Styles. While the value and relevance of Learning Styles have been hotly debated in the academic world, the concept is still largely present in current Educational discourses, therefore it is important that every trainee teacher has a working knowledge of what they are and how they operate.  

Goals for this section

  • To understand what Learning Styles are and how these can be catered to in practice. 

Objectives for this section

  • To be able to explain what the common models of Learning Styles are and the differences between identified 'types' of learners.
  • To be able to identify the benefits of catering to different Learning Styles in the classroom, and also identify the limitations of doing so.    
  • To understand how catering to learning styles can be integrated into individual session plans and wider constructs such as schemes of work.    

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