3.3.1 Schemes of Work

Welcome to chapter 3 of the 'Planning and Delivering Learning' module. The last chapter explored the ways in which we can plan effective learning within a single lesson; this chapter expands this idea to examine schemes of work. We will explain exactly what a scheme of work is and why they are important to long-term learning - we will also discuss the ways in which a scheme of work can be structured, and how to ensure that a scheme of work maps out the learning that should take place over the duration of a course. 

Goals for this section

  • To understand what a scheme of work is and why planning long-term learning is essential. 

Objectives for this section

  • To be able to explain what a lesson plan is and how an effective lesson plan operates. 
  • To be able to identify the benefits of rigorous lesson planning, and any limitations there may be.   
  • To feel confident in applying the different components of an effective lesson plan into your own planning.   

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