5.3.1 - Continuous Professional Development

Welcome to chapter 3 of the 'Best practice in teaching' module. In this chapter, we'll be discussing the notion of 'continuous professional development' (CPD) - this is a term you've likely heard if you've ever worked within an educational establishment, but here, we're going to break down precisely what is meant by this and, more importantly, explain why undertaking CPD is absolutely critical to best teaching practice. 

Goals for this section

  • To understand the theoretical and practical benefits of CPD for both teaching practitioners and learners.   

Objectives for this section

  • To be able to explain what constitutes CPD and give examples of pertinent ways to do this.
  • To be able to proactively identify opportunities for CPD, or areas where additional training may be needed, in order to address issues.  
  • To critically evaluate the benefits and potential limitations of different kinds of CPD, and to recognise the situations in which CPD is most necessary in different situations.

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