Retailing and Selling - Introduction

Welcome to the next lesson of this module where we will cover the topic of retailing and selling.

This chapter covers matters such as store layouts and interactions with customers - giving a picture of how a successful retail business is developed.
Initially considered are the overriding retail theories, such as the wheel of retail and the retail lifecycle theory.
From this starting point more detail is developed in topics such as retail formats, both bricks and mortar and alternatives (e.g. mail order or e-commerce).
A key aspect of retail for physical stores is the layout of the retail space, so the main elements of store design are considered. This includes the internal layout of display units as well as factors such as window displays and atmospherics.
Lastly the relevance of the marketing mix is considered, as this is a key tool to assess any selling effort.

Below are some goals and objectives for you to refer to after learning this section.

Goals for this section

  • To understand the main concepts used to create a successful retail environment
  • To appreciate the role of retail and selling for business success

Objectives for this section

To be able to:

  • Understand different retail theories.
  • Appreciate the different retail formats.
  • Explain the different options for store layouts and atmospherics, and assess when they are appropriate.
  • Have an understanding of the relevant selling techniques that accompany retail.

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