Operational Quality Management - Introduction

Welcome to the next lesson of this module where we will cover the topic of operational quality management.

This chapter follows on from the discussion of operations management in the previous chapter and will provide a look at the more complex aspects.
The highly influential concepts of Lean and Agile will be considered - as these represent holistic operations strategies that affect the whole productive side of a business, and have produced great success for companies such as Toyota.

As a part of this chapter concepts such as Kaizen, Just-In-Time (JIT), Six Sigma, and waste and inventory reduction will be covered.
The chapter will enable an understanding of the ways that operation systems can be improved and can form a key part of organisational success.

After completion of this chapter, you should understand the ways that quality can be managed at the systemic level and how this is linked to wider operations.

Below are some goals and objectives for you to refer to after learning this section.

Goals for this section

  • To understand the concepts of Lean and Agile
  • To understand how quality can be controlled by operations system design

Objectives for this section

To be able to:

  • Define the main elements of Lean and of Agile.
  • Understand how these systems are present in an organisation.
  • Possess an overview of other quality approaches such as Six Sigma, and how the different operations approaches are connected.
  • Be able to identify the different kinds of waste that are present in an operations system.

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